Hue 210º

She took a hike to straighten the line.
Fact opposed to interpretation.
Hue 210º.
She told the sea –
trusting the sea would let it dawn on the horizon.
Hue_210_degreesAn essay based on circumstances, captured in six photographs. Hue 210° refers to the blue colour.


  1. Beautifully compelling!

  2. What a beautiful story.

  3. In trigonometry an orientation of 210° points 30° south of due west.

  4. I love those photographs. And love the colour blue!

  5. The photos themselves are amazing, but most of all I love how text and photo go together here! I like that it’s vague, it gives room for me as a reader/viewer to fill in the story myself. Beautiful post!

  6. beautiful annete ol friend, hope you’re doing as great as these images :-)

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